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How is the website created?

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Competitive analysis, planning, domain registration and web server configuration

Before we start the project of designing a new website we research the market, conduct an analysis of competing websites and prepare a list of key words. We also offer consulting and help with registering a domain, choosing a domain host and designing an optimal website.

Web development and testing

We start the project of designing your website on our server, where we assign you a link through which you can check your website in progress from anywhere and at any time. Our websites are developed on the WordPress platform. We ensure that it works fast and is connected with social networks (Facebook, Instagram…). Compatibility with different kinds of devices (tablets, smartphones) is also ensured. When a project is finished we move the website to your chosen server. Testing a website is of vital importance as this is the best way to ensure that all the links are rightly directed and that all of the web forms are working correctly. Then we install the legally obligatory cookies and GDPR

Izdelava spletnih strani

Izdelava spletnih strani

Finishing up the website, minor adjustments, digital signing into web browsers…

This is the last phase of our project - finishing up the website. We digitally sign the website into web browsers and do the optimization.

What does optimization include?

  • a domain
  • website structure and URL addresses
  • site names
  • site contents
  • meta data (address, description, key words)
  • redirections
  • sitemap.xml (files with URL addresses) and robots.txt
  • connecting with Google Analytics and Google Webmaster Tools

How much does it cost?

There are several criteria that affect the price:

  • whether it is a website, landing page or online store
  • difficulty of web design
  • number of language versions of the website

For a more precise price, please fill out our web form  and we will get back to you in one working day at the latest.

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